Being silly


Yes, it’s not dignified to wear balloons on top of the head nor does it inspire the masses to follow blindly but what it does do is bring a smile to the face of the observer. It’s just silly and sometimes we all need a little silliness to get us through the day. A little lighthearted laughter can lift the spirit and heal the soul. This little one is currently going through what I fondly refer to as the “50/50 Time” part angel and cute as a button and part devil whose temper tantrums will go down in history so during those times, I try to remember the “Balloons on the head” and other silly but super sweet moments . There was a snippet of the Atlanta Braves on the TV last night and he started doing the “Tomahawk Chop” which brought a big grin to my face, this is a fan ,if not an athlete in the making and if he ever does go all the way and has the drive and skills to be a professional athlete, I hope and pray he keeps the silliness and some balloons around to get him through the tough times. Good morning!


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