Today I want to be a turtle


    I want to be this turtle, just floating .getting a little greener with each passing day.Nobody really messes with this dude, he’s a bit cranky but then snapping turtles often are, not that I want to snap at anybody ,just want to float in warm water and watch the world go by. This was one of those mornings, the rain came and of course ,here came the drip, drip, drip sound on the ceiling of my bedroom and it is not the same as raindrops hitting a tin roof. This brings memories of drywall bulging downward filled with water and having a saw cutting down a hunk of the ceiling which has still to be painted so sleep is hard to return to but getting out of bed was worse. I’m up now, dressed for the day and hoping that the ceiling holds till  the next dry days next week. I like this turtle, just look at that floating stance, he’s not concerned with any thing, after all he turned his back on the camera as if to say, ” I am too cool to mess with you, I’m just hanging out!” Float on turtle and continue your greening, it’s a good look for you! Morning!


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