Superman and Granddaddy



Two brave men, one tall and seasoned with a lifetimes worth of  experiences  and one little one whose heart echoes with the same beat of his great granddaddy but yet to experience all the mountains ,valleys and flowing streams.Whose eyes only see the beauty surrounding him and nothing else,who believes that the man beside him is ,indeed, a “superman” and can do anything with those two hands and who will one day recount his memories to the next generation who will hear his tales with ears that marvel at the love in his voice …..

No time for anything but love


And playing and pretending that (for Aidan on Blake’s 1st B’day,that is) your carrot is a sword (looks like one to me!) and that you are a pirate saying “arrggghhh! So for today ,at least, my first prayer is nothing more than a little rain to wash away the pollen aggravating so many and a nice breeze to keep the temperature where it should be but, just in case,my second is that no tornadoes come through anywhere I have family and friends or friends of friends or ……., I just don’t have time for anyone to be hurt today  so if we could just put that weather off for a while ,I’d be very grateful.I’ll be honest, my greatest fear is that one day ,it will be me on that endless loop saying,” I just got out of the shower and …BOOM! the ” train” came through and took my house …and my clothes  and  all I could grab was the shower curtain(palm trees…well ,what did you expect from me/)  but …..(and it’s large) at least I’m alive and not stark nekkid!” ….

        It’s really not my greatest fear but in trying to be prepared for severe weather like tornadoes, my quirky sense of humor comes out and tries valiantly, (isn’t quite working ,huh?) to downplay what could really happen and has happened during these conditions  because ,for me right now, I don’t have any more time to waste on tears and fears and loss so, saying a prayer and drinking my coffee and looking forward to my little “munchkin” getting here today and getting things done like hugs and such! Good morning!

Did you ever go looking?


Well, did you ever go looking for something  lost  or missing and find something else along the way  that you thought   lost to time and imperfect memory?Image

Something  or someone that could bring a tear at the loss but instead elicits a warm smileImage

and a lightening of the spirit at how much love came through ?Image

 Did you gasp at how much you could really love and care?Image

Even now for those no longer here or way on the other side of where you live?


 And those who live just down the road a bit but whose face immediately  makes you feel loved and cherished just like you were when you were young.Image

 I did and along this pictorial treasure hunt, I found Image

someone I thought I had lost or was about to lose, only to be reminded all these faces pictured are memories forever tucked away in my own “memory attic” and all I have to do is look there and be once again in the moment so look if you will or not and if my photo journey brings the “tear”,wipe it away and look again for there is love and joy and happy memories to be found if you will only look through my eyes.

short or long?


My coiffure in this photo is short, my daughters is long. Now currently my hair at the moment,picture is a few years old, is longer than even her hair is but like a lot of women, I am thinking about making a drastic change. No, I can’t afford to shave my head,buy the Dolly Parton wig and head to Vegas but, I am contemplating cutting it this short again.I am not a big fan of short hair,especially on me but drastic conditions call, I think, for drastic measures and my head and hair are both a hot mess! Now the head is messy due to a sudden onset of “bedroom allergy” and no ,not “that kind”, ! The last few days, when I go to lay my weary bones down on my pillow, my teeth start throbbing  and I can’t sleep for love nor money! Now it ceases when I get up and trudge back into the living room and indeed, last night when I came and took position on the couch, I was actually asleep within 30 minutes ,too bad it was around 3 am but ,some sleep is better than none,correct? Yes, I am in the process of eliminating possibilities even as I type, as to offenders . Got the sheets in the wash,will not put the liquid softener ,that I added Sunday in hopes, that it is the culprit because after that is the mattress and finally mold in the attic directly over my head and I am simply too tired to deal with that right now. Back to the brunette strands decorating my round head, due to unknown but theorized physiological abnormalities(thyroid?), my hair has turned to dark hay and tends to resemble a stereotyped witches hairdo without mass quantities of conditioner so, perhaps cutting the majority will take stress off the roots and ease the breakage? Eh, I realize this is fascinating stuff and the few who deign to peruse my daily ramblings are probably riveted in gleeful anticipation of my next few words but ,hey, I’m tired(Blazing Saddles reference) so this is as entertaining as I can get today. My coffee is ready and good morning has crossed my keyboard!

I want her teeth


Well, maybe not since her teeth became my teeth and kept me up till the wee small hours last night but at least, at 13, they were all intact and didn’t throb with pain. Weirdest thing was ,if I got up, the throbbing stopped which I would expect from a sinus infection but that part of my head didn’t hurt. Oh well, at least I managed a few hours  of sleep which isn’t as good as a full nights sleep but better than nothing. Ironic thing ,back when I was this age,I could sleep but the summer this was painted I was spending time with my maternal grandparents and the smell of bacon greeted me when I opened my eyes in the morning, it could happen this morning but the aging carcass that I call my body is just not up to standing over bacon. Maybe after a cup of coffee or ten but it is taking all my little gray cells just to write this snippet . Sluggish though I am, the overwhelming memory brought forth by this painting this morning is of the much loved and sorely missed artist whose brush and talent created the oil and canvas memory of me as a young girl with her whole life before her.I do believe I would gladly give up years of my life now to have her back but at least I have my memories . Good morning!

Superman and his trusty cycle



 Okay, so his trusty cycle is actually a tricycle and Superman is actually Aidan when he was just a little tike, he felt like a super hero that day , I’m sure.So much has happened to me since the day this picture was snapped, some good, some not so good and some down right awful but I get through the awful times by remembering the good times and the precious ones who make it easier to handle the crap life can sometimes throw our way.He was just the first, I have 5 more and Ethan who is the icing on my “grandchild cake” since I get to see him at least 5 days a week and ,well, technically he’s borrowed from his real grandmas but loved and cherished just the same and so when I get down or lonely or just disgusted with things, I remember what I have been given and a really big smile comes across my face.  My “gifts” are more valuable than degrees and houses and tiny waistlines or bank accounts filled with money,for those things really don’t hug well or ever say ,”I love you!” . Good morning!

Well it’s that day again


And since my favorite model and inspiration is sporting a “boo-boo” , I decided this picture would do better to inspire us on a Monday morning such as this one.Yes, while NannyB was begging God to ease the pain in her back, little man decided to test his guardian angel ,poor angel, his knees are probably still knocking but all’s well that doesn’t end up in the ER,right? It was  so beautiful outside yesterday , I found myself wishing I had already bought my new plants and soil but there’s time. Spring is just getting started and my plants that made it through the winter are showing great promise and I PROMISE not to pick up the containers again but ask for help since that may have been, just a little bit, what may have contributed to back pain from hell(sorry but one has to experience it to fully understand just how appropriate that description is!) and now that it’s subsided, I am determined not to cause another.Oh, I have to switch gears and tell you about the dream I had last night! It is a doozy, involving a German inn, a group of Americans, and Dolly Parton ,only I was Dolly but with brown hair(sorry Dolly but blonde I have never wanted to be!) and it was quite interesting. The bed I slept in was gorgeous and the carving was so intricate and I guess I should have told the Americans our little inn was haunted but it was funny to see big strong men scream like little girls when confronted with a Valkyrie(hey, she laughed too and she did sound like Dolly when she giggles!) but we all survived the night  and checkout was rather subdued but those guys had something to talk about around the hometown bar when they returned,eh? Good morning!

Feeling “old” this morning


At least my backbone is, old and creaky and broke. Still haven’t figured out what exactly I did last night that set it off but it is not a happy camper this morning. It’s days like this that I do find myself wishing I had never hit the gym floor with the small of my back  because I don’t have time for this! It is Thursday and the sun is out and it is warmer this morning than it was yesterday morning so that’s a positive note. Then, there is the little man’s smile and cute sayings as well as his “math skills” to cheer me up. He asked for a “cacker” yesterday and I handed him two. He liked that so after he ate them, he trotted over and asked for “twee cackers”, well, I gave him two more and told him that I had given him four ,two and two make four after all, correct? Little goomer consumes the next two and comes back with a request for “fo cackers” ! There’s no stopping him when he’s on a roll but as cute as his “fo cacker” request was, I had to tell him no since he had just eaten supper and he does tend to play with his snacks when he’s full. He’ll still ask for them but he doesn’t necessarily eat them, sometimes he hides them for later. I have found banana slices stuffed in the toy boxes and cookies and apple chunks under the couch but there will be no moving of the furniture today, NannyB’s old creaky and broke backbone just isn’t up to that today! Good morning!

My “Aunt Bea”


 Now Beatrice Holmes Richardson was not ,what I would consider, an apron wearing homemaker but she was of that generation . She was a teacher or as she put it, an “educator” and kept company with some of Georgia’s movers and shakers. The stories she told are legendary and it used to be that there were very few places we could go in the state and not run into someone who had their own “Aunt Bea” story. Perfect , she was not but she genuinely cared about educating her kids and making a difference in the world and I like to believe she did, I also believe she would not be happy with certain events that have happened since she passed on because she would ask why people were ignoring what the right thing to do was and leaving common sense out of decisions that affected our children. Fun videos to relax children are nice but how about we stop the “test madness” as I call it and go back to “educating” our kids, giving them the knowledge they need at the appropriate age  and the tools to be able to acquire more, not just get a high score on  a test . Come to think on it, she might also say, quit pushing the little ones to have skills and knowledge too early. I fully expect algebra to be pushed on kindergartners any day and that is ridiculous. When it comes to education ,”One size fits all” doesn’t fit at all, time to reign in the curriculum psychos and start educating these kids again. Give back the recesses and music and art and graduate well rounded and mentally healthy kids! Good morning!

Oh smile,it’s Tuesday!


Yes, I know but wouldn’t you rather look at this cute little face than contemplate the freezing temperature that is heading our way tonight? Such a joyful smile back then and he can still give my heart a lift with one now. However, I have to switch from beautiful babies to “one of those dreams” and it was a corker. I sing, music has been a part of my life since literally before I came into the world and drew my first breath since my mother is fond of recounting the story of how I kicked in time to the tones of the organ playing in church but in my dream last night, I was in the choir and the director wanted to do a certain anthem. Me being the helpful sort, pipes up with ,” I know where that song is!” and took off in my dream to find it. Oh lordy, the library of music came to life and the church started growing before my eyes just like the hall in a horror movie when the character tries to run quickly down it to get to safety at the other end. At one point ,even the sanctuary expanded to cathedral proportions and I do have a fear of heights but I navigated that height safely thanks to Charles Nelson ,who looked quite confused by my actions but kept me from tripping over the podium none the less! The music was everywhere, even clinging to the walls and the exasperating thing? I have forgotten the name of the anthem that I was so desperately trying to find in my dream!Oh well, all’s well that ends well and at least ,in my dream, I was successful and a dream filled with music is not a bad dream to have! Good morning!