Observations on birthdays and aging


      Yes, here it is , one more time, me and my favorite weatherman and my beautiful baby girl! Saturday was my birthday and Sarah and Paul and Blake took Grandmama to the car show to celebrate. Now being surrounded by all those prime examples of mechanical power , both old and new was nice but ,let’s face it, the meteorologist made my heart beat faster. After all, in a tornado, who would you rather have on your side, Ken Cook or your local mechanic? At any rate, I had a great time and a lot of fun, had a lot of birthday wishes come my way and I deeply appreciate each one! Looking at the picture reminds me of just how many years I am carrying and it still amazes me that I’m still here. I never really expected to live this long,just wanted to be around long enough to see this baby girl and her sisters grow up and be able to stand on their own and I have not only reached that goal, I actually have been blessed with grandchildren. Not bad for a kid that was only given three months to live without surgery and that brings me to another observation, for all those who talk about the good “old days” ? If I had been born a few years earlier,back in the fifties, that pretty woman standing beside Ken Cook and her mother, wouldn’t have been born because I would not have survived so I am grateful for the passing of time and the good changes it brings. The change to my midsection is not so pleasing but there are things I can do to change that ,which by the way involve NO expensive diet plans or supplements( yes, I am talking to you!) and I will. Spring has sprung and this is going to be my year. Good morning!


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