Little boys and monkeys


   I know it’s actually the “camel day” but let’s face it, his face is just so much cuter than any camel and a much better way to start the day! He is in that  “50/50” stage right now, half little cute angel and half Tasmanian devil but the angel is so darn cute and sweet, well, we will survive the other. He used to be more of an observer but lately he has really developed his personality and his opinions and is not afraid to express those opinions at those top of his lungs. We’ve been going outside in the warm sun and taking the chalks . I have this concrete patio and brick house that are tailor made for creative little boys who like to draw and be outside and he loves playing out in the sun. After the rough cold winter, I must confess I like it too,my allergies and sinuses will just have to deal with it,feels just so wonderful to be warm and Ethan’s joy in even the little bugs and the birds hopping around  is a sight to behold. I get so much more out of taking care of him , he renews my soul ,he fills me up with love and he makes me greet the day with a smile! Good morning!


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