Chubby cheeks ,sleep and me


 Madi and I do have a lot in common. Chubby cheeks, plump arms and the need for sleep. Now given her age, she sleeps better than I do but we both have the need. I have the feeling though that my sweet little girl will wake up feeling more energized this morning than me. Went to bed last night yawning big and arose this morning doing the same so here’s hoping a good cup of coffee will perk me up and give me the grin that so often comes across Madi’s face when she sees me. She does the cutest thing when she grins, scrunches that nose up and just sparkles,her eyes twinkle just like my Nanny Holmes used to back in the day when I was Madelyn’s age.I had such wonderful grandparents,on both sides but I did have more years with my maternal grandparents, T.J. and Thelma and a lot of wonderful memories which I hope Madi will have of me one day. Those chubby cheeks are so very precious to me,wish my chubby cheeks were half as cute as hers ! Good morning!

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