It’s a rainy day


And no one is playing outside today unless it is in a raincoat! It rained outside and in my attic all night. Drip,drip, was the sound I heard till I finally dropped off to sleep and drip,drip was the sound that periodically woke me up and greeted me this morning when I gave up and got up out of bed so when the rain stops, I do believe the landlord will have to get someone to climb up and fix the leak. Rain on a tin roof is soothing, raindrops falling on ones’ ceiling does not engender the same feelings,especially since the ceiling is still showing signs of the last repair when that leak caused a “small mound” to appear on the ceiling and the handyman to have to replace the drywall. The leak just has to be located over my bed so since I have no desire to sleep in a wet bed, I am hoping the rain stops soon so I can stay dry. Ethan’s porta-crib where he takes his naps is in there as well so keeping him dry is important as well. Yep, it’s Monday and wet and dreary but I did wake up this morning so not too bad a day after all. Good morning!

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