Sand castles on the beach


  Now it’s a cloudy day in this picture but even a cloudy day on the beach, soaking up the sea air and enjoying the sounds of the beach while playing in the sand is a good day! I tell people ,I’m half beach and half mountain girl and the beach side sure does miss those grains of sand stuck to her toes. One of my earliest memories that I managed to hold on to ,is sitting on my Daddy’s shoulders watching the sun go down on Jekyll Island. I remember thinking I was up so high and my daddy must be the best thing ever, which he was and still is. I miss those days sometimes, I love my children and grandchildren but every once in a while, I long for the times when everything seemed so simple ,when I felt so safe and loved.  Meanwhile ,back at the hacienda, little man has arrived and has decided that for breakfast he will eat dried cranberries ,yesterday he had bacon and eggs but today he wants fruit ! Good morning!

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