Just a cheesy grin


 Yes, a cheesy grin to start the day ,he has this ability to cause the corners of the mouth to turn up when he cheeses for the camera. Some of his funniest moments ,of course I miss because I don’t have a camera running all the time but sometimes I get lucky and catch him doing something funny or cute or sweet!He’ll be turning three in June and he’ll still be cute and funny and sweet but it is different. There is just something magical about those moments during the “terrible twos” when no matter how horrible they’ve behaved before, they can do something so wonderful that the other frustrations are a lot easier to take. The moments when all you want to do is hug them for being so cute or sweet or just plain belly laughing funny and watching Ethan playing with that head lamp the other day was just that type of moment. Here’s hoping that if you don’t have an “Ethan” to brighten your day, you have something or someone to remind you to laugh  and that along with the disappointments and bad times in life, there are also some real gut busting laughs  and heart expanding sweet memories. Good morning!


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