Oh smile,it’s Tuesday!


Yes, I know but wouldn’t you rather look at this cute little face than contemplate the freezing temperature that is heading our way tonight? Such a joyful smile back then and he can still give my heart a lift with one now. However, I have to switch from beautiful babies to “one of those dreams” and it was a corker. I sing, music has been a part of my life since literally before I came into the world and drew my first breath since my mother is fond of recounting the story of how I kicked in time to the tones of the organ playing in church but in my dream last night, I was in the choir and the director wanted to do a certain anthem. Me being the helpful sort, pipes up with ,” I know where that song is!” and took off in my dream to find it. Oh lordy, the library of music came to life and the church started growing before my eyes just like the hall in a horror movie when the character tries to run quickly down it to get to safety at the other end. At one point ,even the sanctuary expanded to cathedral proportions and I do have a fear of heights but I navigated that height safely thanks to Charles Nelson ,who looked quite confused by my actions but kept me from tripping over the podium none the less! The music was everywhere, even clinging to the walls and the exasperating thing? I have forgotten the name of the anthem that I was so desperately trying to find in my dream!Oh well, all’s well that ends well and at least ,in my dream, I was successful and a dream filled with music is not a bad dream to have! Good morning!


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