My “Aunt Bea”


 Now Beatrice Holmes Richardson was not ,what I would consider, an apron wearing homemaker but she was of that generation . She was a teacher or as she put it, an “educator” and kept company with some of Georgia’s movers and shakers. The stories she told are legendary and it used to be that there were very few places we could go in the state and not run into someone who had their own “Aunt Bea” story. Perfect , she was not but she genuinely cared about educating her kids and making a difference in the world and I like to believe she did, I also believe she would not be happy with certain events that have happened since she passed on because she would ask why people were ignoring what the right thing to do was and leaving common sense out of decisions that affected our children. Fun videos to relax children are nice but how about we stop the “test madness” as I call it and go back to “educating” our kids, giving them the knowledge they need at the appropriate age  and the tools to be able to acquire more, not just get a high score on  a test . Come to think on it, she might also say, quit pushing the little ones to have skills and knowledge too early. I fully expect algebra to be pushed on kindergartners any day and that is ridiculous. When it comes to education ,”One size fits all” doesn’t fit at all, time to reign in the curriculum psychos and start educating these kids again. Give back the recesses and music and art and graduate well rounded and mentally healthy kids! Good morning!


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