Feeling “old” this morning


At least my backbone is, old and creaky and broke. Still haven’t figured out what exactly I did last night that set it off but it is not a happy camper this morning. It’s days like this that I do find myself wishing I had never hit the gym floor with the small of my back  because I don’t have time for this! It is Thursday and the sun is out and it is warmer this morning than it was yesterday morning so that’s a positive note. Then, there is the little man’s smile and cute sayings as well as his “math skills” to cheer me up. He asked for a “cacker” yesterday and I handed him two. He liked that so after he ate them, he trotted over and asked for “twee cackers”, well, I gave him two more and told him that I had given him four ,two and two make four after all, correct? Little goomer consumes the next two and comes back with a request for “fo cackers” ! There’s no stopping him when he’s on a roll but as cute as his “fo cacker” request was, I had to tell him no since he had just eaten supper and he does tend to play with his snacks when he’s full. He’ll still ask for them but he doesn’t necessarily eat them, sometimes he hides them for later. I have found banana slices stuffed in the toy boxes and cookies and apple chunks under the couch but there will be no moving of the furniture today, NannyB’s old creaky and broke backbone just isn’t up to that today! Good morning!


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