Well it’s that day again


And since my favorite model and inspiration is sporting a “boo-boo” , I decided this picture would do better to inspire us on a Monday morning such as this one.Yes, while NannyB was begging God to ease the pain in her back, little man decided to test his guardian angel ,poor angel, his knees are probably still knocking but all’s well that doesn’t end up in the ER,right? It was  so beautiful outside yesterday , I found myself wishing I had already bought my new plants and soil but there’s time. Spring is just getting started and my plants that made it through the winter are showing great promise and I PROMISE not to pick up the containers again but ask for help since that may have been, just a little bit, what may have contributed to back pain from hell(sorry but one has to experience it to fully understand just how appropriate that description is!) and now that it’s subsided, I am determined not to cause another.Oh, I have to switch gears and tell you about the dream I had last night! It is a doozy, involving a German inn, a group of Americans, and Dolly Parton ,only I was Dolly but with brown hair(sorry Dolly but blonde I have never wanted to be!) and it was quite interesting. The bed I slept in was gorgeous and the carving was so intricate and I guess I should have told the Americans our little inn was haunted but it was funny to see big strong men scream like little girls when confronted with a Valkyrie(hey, she laughed too and she did sound like Dolly when she giggles!) but we all survived the night  and checkout was rather subdued but those guys had something to talk about around the hometown bar when they returned,eh? Good morning!

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