Superman and his trusty cycle



 Okay, so his trusty cycle is actually a tricycle and Superman is actually Aidan when he was just a little tike, he felt like a super hero that day , I’m sure.So much has happened to me since the day this picture was snapped, some good, some not so good and some down right awful but I get through the awful times by remembering the good times and the precious ones who make it easier to handle the crap life can sometimes throw our way.He was just the first, I have 5 more and Ethan who is the icing on my “grandchild cake” since I get to see him at least 5 days a week and ,well, technically he’s borrowed from his real grandmas but loved and cherished just the same and so when I get down or lonely or just disgusted with things, I remember what I have been given and a really big smile comes across my face.  My “gifts” are more valuable than degrees and houses and tiny waistlines or bank accounts filled with money,for those things really don’t hug well or ever say ,”I love you!” . Good morning!

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