I want her teeth


Well, maybe not since her teeth became my teeth and kept me up till the wee small hours last night but at least, at 13, they were all intact and didn’t throb with pain. Weirdest thing was ,if I got up, the throbbing stopped which I would expect from a sinus infection but that part of my head didn’t hurt. Oh well, at least I managed a few hours  of sleep which isn’t as good as a full nights sleep but better than nothing. Ironic thing ,back when I was this age,I could sleep but the summer this was painted I was spending time with my maternal grandparents and the smell of bacon greeted me when I opened my eyes in the morning, it could happen this morning but the aging carcass that I call my body is just not up to standing over bacon. Maybe after a cup of coffee or ten but it is taking all my little gray cells just to write this snippet . Sluggish though I am, the overwhelming memory brought forth by this painting this morning is of the much loved and sorely missed artist whose brush and talent created the oil and canvas memory of me as a young girl with her whole life before her.I do believe I would gladly give up years of my life now to have her back but at least I have my memories . Good morning!

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