short or long?


My coiffure in this photo is short, my daughters is long. Now currently my hair at the moment,picture is a few years old, is longer than even her hair is but like a lot of women, I am thinking about making a drastic change. No, I can’t afford to shave my head,buy the Dolly Parton wig and head to Vegas but, I am contemplating cutting it this short again.I am not a big fan of short hair,especially on me but drastic conditions call, I think, for drastic measures and my head and hair are both a hot mess! Now the head is messy due to a sudden onset of “bedroom allergy” and no ,not “that kind”, ! The last few days, when I go to lay my weary bones down on my pillow, my teeth start throbbing  and I can’t sleep for love nor money! Now it ceases when I get up and trudge back into the living room and indeed, last night when I came and took position on the couch, I was actually asleep within 30 minutes ,too bad it was around 3 am but ,some sleep is better than none,correct? Yes, I am in the process of eliminating possibilities even as I type, as to offenders . Got the sheets in the wash,will not put the liquid softener ,that I added Sunday in hopes, that it is the culprit because after that is the mattress and finally mold in the attic directly over my head and I am simply too tired to deal with that right now. Back to the brunette strands decorating my round head, due to unknown but theorized physiological abnormalities(thyroid?), my hair has turned to dark hay and tends to resemble a stereotyped witches hairdo without mass quantities of conditioner so, perhaps cutting the majority will take stress off the roots and ease the breakage? Eh, I realize this is fascinating stuff and the few who deign to peruse my daily ramblings are probably riveted in gleeful anticipation of my next few words but ,hey, I’m tired(Blazing Saddles reference) so this is as entertaining as I can get today. My coffee is ready and good morning has crossed my keyboard!

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