Did you ever go looking?


Well, did you ever go looking for something  lost  or missing and find something else along the way  that you thought   lost to time and imperfect memory?Image

Something  or someone that could bring a tear at the loss but instead elicits a warm smileImage

and a lightening of the spirit at how much love came through ?Image

 Did you gasp at how much you could really love and care?Image

Even now for those no longer here or way on the other side of where you live?


 And those who live just down the road a bit but whose face immediately  makes you feel loved and cherished just like you were when you were young.Image

 I did and along this pictorial treasure hunt, I found Image

someone I thought I had lost or was about to lose, only to be reminded all these faces pictured are memories forever tucked away in my own “memory attic” and all I have to do is look there and be once again in the moment so look if you will or not and if my photo journey brings the “tear”,wipe it away and look again for there is love and joy and happy memories to be found if you will only look through my eyes.

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