No time for anything but love


And playing and pretending that (for Aidan on Blake’s 1st B’day,that is) your carrot is a sword (looks like one to me!) and that you are a pirate saying “arrggghhh! So for today ,at least, my first prayer is nothing more than a little rain to wash away the pollen aggravating so many and a nice breeze to keep the temperature where it should be but, just in case,my second is that no tornadoes come through anywhere I have family and friends or friends of friends or ……., I just don’t have time for anyone to be hurt today  so if we could just put that weather off for a while ,I’d be very grateful.I’ll be honest, my greatest fear is that one day ,it will be me on that endless loop saying,” I just got out of the shower and …BOOM! the ” train” came through and took my house …and my clothes  and  all I could grab was the shower curtain(palm trees…well ,what did you expect from me/)  but …..(and it’s large) at least I’m alive and not stark nekkid!” ….

        It’s really not my greatest fear but in trying to be prepared for severe weather like tornadoes, my quirky sense of humor comes out and tries valiantly, (isn’t quite working ,huh?) to downplay what could really happen and has happened during these conditions  because ,for me right now, I don’t have any more time to waste on tears and fears and loss so, saying a prayer and drinking my coffee and looking forward to my little “munchkin” getting here today and getting things done like hugs and such! Good morning!

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