There’s a peace here.


    There is a peace here, not the kind that some when reading the first statement will see easily but it is there. A kind of pastoral peace and balance in nature that ,while it soothes my soul and brings me comfort, terrifies ,confuses and  irritates the heck out of those who truly don’t understand ,even those who profess to be working to save and protect it. One person may look at this  picture and only see the color green which is so obvious but miss the rich brown tone of the stream flowing down the middle or the fact that more than one shade of green is represented and still other eyes pass over without noticing the different textures of the leaves and grass and water. One color not seen by me in the original photograph is gray.Oh it is there but it blends in because it is just one of many colors that go together to create this little bit of “breathing space”. I confess the point I am trying to make is that everything doesn’t have to be all of one color or every color of the rainbow  in order to be right or to be in balance with either nature or the world. Good morning.


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