Going bravely into the bush


I’m sure to him ,that bush and trees looked huge but he felt secure enough to just drive right into there. After all Grandmama had his back,standing there snapping away with her camera.The thing is, as his shirt attests, he was the “little lifeguard”. Not that he was keeping anyone from going under the “water” but he has, since he was born ,brought a love of life and a determination to cling to life to a lot of those around him including myself. There is something special about the first, the first child, the first grandchild,doesn’t mean the ones who follow are any less loved because they came after, it’s just that this was the first experience with something so incredibly awe inspiring and miraculous.Guess there are those who would roll their eyes and denigrate verbally my mushy sentiment and to those poor souls ,well, I express my sympathy for having so little of worth in their own lives but , in my life, having my first little girl and then ,later on, seeing her bring this small wonder into this crazy world was awe inspiring and, given my rough start in my early life, very inspiring to me if to no other.I have more, more pictures and thank God, more children and grandchildren and they all bring something special to my life but he was first.

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