The joy of being a child on the beach


 Perhaps it’s because it’s been 5 years since I have actually plopped my self down on the sand beside the ocean and felt the ocean breeze and smelled the salty air but I find myself looking at this picture and envying the pair pictured within.I can see just how much fun they’re having. Then again, I was the photographer that day and was having quite a bit of fun myself. I constructed a sand castle with my grandson and we both enjoyed the water and all the wonders the ocean offered up that day. I admit, when I was a kid, the beach was even more fun because I didn’t have to deal with all the equipment and supplies deemed necessary for a simple trip to the beach. The last thing on my young mind was sun block and beach chairs or towels. Now food did pop up but it wasn’t my responsibility to make sure it was there, just to eat it and then sit impatiently while it “digested” before I went back to my games in the water.When one is loved ,childhood is a pretty good thing,…. I miss being a kid.

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