“What do you mean, it’s only Wednesday?”


 Yes, it’s that day again , the middle of the week but this is a special week. Sunday is Mother’s Day and I will get to see my mom this weekend and that will make me happy and her, I hope. She’s done so much for me and enabled me to survive and go on to not only have three beautiful and intelligent daughters but to be blessed with grandchildren as well and that’s a very big deal to me. I have a constant visual reminder of just how close I came to not only not having grandchildren but not even surviving to date much less have children. Being cut in half and basically having ones “plumbing reworked ”  isn’t a walk in the park now but back in the early Sixties ,it was still a big deal in this part of the country and on one so young. Indeed, I have been told I was the youngest to have the surgery I had and while I do give a great deal of credit for my survival to not only the doctor who originally diagnosed the cause of my illness,Dr Sam Garner and my extremely talented surgeon Dr Ralph Howse, I have to give a big thank you to my mother who loved me and nurtured and didn’t give up on me and who, along with my dad, made the decision to risk the surgery. So you see, my mother literally gave me life twice  and so fifty something years later I’m a mom and grandmama thanks to being blessed enough to have one wonderful mother who has never given up on me. Yes, it’s Wednesday so let’s take the next few days and think about our moms and sometimes, dads who took the place of moms and make sure to say thanks for all they have done.  Good morning!


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