If I could stand beside this stream again and just gaze down at the water flowing over this rock, I bet I’d find not much has changed since the original picture was taken. There’s something mesmerizing about water, flowing or still or even shooting up in the air like the fountains in Las Vegas. Still pools invite us to sit and contemplate , to daydream ,to give the brain a chance to take inventory  of the contents therein. Flowing water speaks to the life inside of all of us because it is movement  and there is the added benefit of what the moving water reveals about the rock underneath ,in this case. Out of the water, dried off, this rock would most likely just be an ordinary looking brown rock but when the rays of the sun hit the water, it made the rock look as though it were studded with flakes and nuggets of gold. Sometimes we just need to find the water and meditate on what we think we see and let our minds do some spring cleaning ,we might just find something remarkable. Good morning.

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