Things my mother has taught me


Education and knowledge have always been important to my mother. In first grade they actually tested her because they thought she was ,as they label it now , “developmentally challenged” only to find that she was at genius levels. Asked a question about the first chapter that her classmates were reading, my mom would act confused only because she had already read to the last chapter of the book and that was what she was thinking about. She went to college after the four of us were all in school and graduated at 39 Summa cum Laude, not a small accomplishment  in my eyes.  She has always encouraged me to to learn and to pass that on to my own children.However ,the most important thing my mother  has taught me  is to love. My road through life has had many potholes and twists and turns but the love I received from my mom has never stopped. Her compassion for others set an example I strive to emulate.Perfect? No, but no one is and for the gifts she has given me that can not be measured I say, “I love you Mother and thank you for loving me!”


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