I’m not brave, not really.


When faced with a big dark scary tunnel, I tend to stay outside in the sunlight where I think I am safe but that is not always the case. Sometimes the most dangerous places are the ones where we feel safe because we let down our guard. We say to ourselves, ” I’m safe here, I’m in the light and surrounded by friends and family, what can possibly hurt me here?” and boom! Yes,  like lightning, we’re struck with a denigrating comment or judgement and the blow draws blood. Am I guilty of things like that, probably so since I am only human but I try not to set out to hurt anyone, I carry too much guilt over the things I can’t control to hurt deliberately bring pain and tears to those I love. I no longer have the trust or confidence in my fellow man that I used to , life has stolen that away and I let it go because I like to feel safe .” In God we trust,all others pay cash” is a saying that both engenders humor and a little sadness but the fact is, that God is the only being to never have let me down or hurt me so Him I trust,don’t always listen and follow like I should but don’t know too many who do either. Still during the worst of times, I have felt the presence and love of God surrounding me which is why I believe. No, my God doesn’t look anything like Charlton Heston, He’s not blue eyed or blonde haired or even all male for I believe he is both. I don’t believe he sent His son so that He could experience what human life was like,why would he not know since he made us,hmmm? No, I’m not brave, I don’t have to be because I have God with me and that still small voice keeps telling me it will be okay, just keep holding on to His hand no matter what, and i will eventually come out into a light so warm and wonderful I will never be afraid again.

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