Birds of a feather


Birds of a feather  do often flock together,especially on a beach.Just like a tour group descending on a buffet,they touch down, eat everything in sight and then off for more someplace new. This group of avians ,as I recall, ate then circled back and sat down again, just in case they had missed something with the first go round. Loud and obnoxious but there is something about shorebirds that is comforting to me. Those raucous calls are part of the “music” of the ocean, whether it’s by the seaside or in the vastness of the briny deep, the marine tune speaks to that part of me that thrives on salt water.Don’t get me wrong, there is a symphony heard by those lucky enough and quiet enough to hear when immersed in the forest and woodlands but the harmony is different. I guess i am blessed to be able to hear and appreciate all of nature’s musical offerings for even the desert has a song to sing. Let us all resolve to get outside this weekend and listen to some “music, I believe our souls are  in dire need. Good morning.


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