A green house


For those of us who love flowers and growing things, a little cottage like this would be a small piece of heaven. Me, being me, of course would hope that there is just a little bit more room inside than the photograph would suggest but perhaps the limited room inside is why there are so many plants and flowers outside as the gardener prefers the open green space outside.The rain this past weekend was damp and a bit cool but it did serve to deepen the green color of the spring foliage  and after the dreary gray of winter, the lush green of spring serves to brighten the spirit and soothe the soul.There is just something so satisfying about planting a seed or cutting and watching it put forth new growth,perhaps even fruit as my tomato plant has already done even though I have not planted it in its container yet. I thought I had lost my rosemary bush over the winter but even it is valiantly showing new growth as if to say, “Old Man Winter singed me a bit but I’m still here!” . I don’t have the lawn or yard to fill with foliage but I am adding life and color in containers to my front porch and my herbs that survived winter are doing well. I even had coreopsis ,two varieties that overwintered very well and one  is such a bright sunny yellow flower that it brings a smile every time! The other is a pretty lavender  shade which I liked the contrast last year so I have high hopes it will look as pleasing this year. So, go plant something, even if it’s just in a pot and feed your soul! Good Morning!!


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