The passage of time




Time stops for no one and it will not stop for these two precious faces nor for my mom in whose lap Madelyn is sitting. Just sitting here thinking about all the memories of her great granddaddy the rest of us will have to remember and pass on just like my mother and daddy have ,over the years,  told and retold stories of their parents and grandparents,aunts and uncles,cousins and unforgettable characters . She’ll turn 2 next week and there have been times in the past few months that I wondered at how fast time had flown by. Ethan will be 3 in June so both my babies aren’t little babies anymore. It’s for sure, that my daddy’s “little baby” isn’t “little ” anymore,no more sitting in his lap or up top on his shoulders where I felt I could touch the sky, I was up so high. Back then, he was my “superhero” ,now he’s just my hero,one who has given me so many wonderful memories that when he goes to his next great adventure, I’ll have plenty to tell Madelyn about and I will until time runs out for me.   Time waits for no one so don’t put things off till it’s too late and you have run out of time,do it now and make a memory! Good morning.                           




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