Summertime is here!
Back when I was little, summer meant traipsing down to the creek and hauling inner tubes and towels. It meant eating watermelon  in the backyard and picnics. The sound of the  frogs and crickets at night if you were lucky enough to be out at night on what we called “the sleepin porch”. The warm air was welcome after a cold winter and in our old house, well, the floor could be really cold.I wish I had more memories to recall to give a sense of what my summers were like but unfortunately those “memory files” are lost but I remember enough to know how special summertime was . I’ve seen pictures like this one and not all the memories I have forgotten were good. This picture was taken before they found out my “plumbing’ was messed up so trust me, that expression isn’t because I was just tired. It never ceases to amaze me that all I have right now, my kids, grandkids, all was made possible because of a surgery . Not too fond of doctors or medicine right now but back then physicians were still trying to heal and on a one to one basis instead of now when it seems they are practicing “fast food” type medicine, running as many bodies through their exam rooms as possible and prescribing medicine that more often kills or makes things worse, just because a  research and development lab spends more time developing than researching.  Still, alongside the bad memory is a good one and that’s remembering my granddaddy filming us swimming in that creek and then running the film backwards so it looked like we were doing just that, swimming backwards in that brown water.  I’ve never stopped missing him and my grandmother Eubanks but it’s worse in summertime because i would get to go and spend time with them then and that was fun.Maybe the trick for when bad memories rise up and try to depress you, just pull up a really good one and concentrate on that. Good morning.


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