Time flies when one is super cute

 And  Madelyn is most certainly super cute  and time has kept up with her which is why she is turning two this week. All babies are cute and precious but ,being my granddaughter, Madi is doubly blessed with cuteness and a joy for life. That smile and laugh bubbling from her just serve to make everyone around feel better and that is a gift . I pray that nothing ever takes that away from her because if she can keep that happiness and the ability to share it with those around her her life will be so much better. We are drawn to people like Madelyn because we love being around those who are happy but sometimes, we feel guilty about feeling so good and seek to impose stringent rules upon those who make us feel so right with the world.If we are not careful, we can strip that joy and love of their fellow man right from them with our need to control behavior. So, if you are lucky enough to have such a joyous soul in your midst, just enjoy them and let them thrive,protect them like they are the most precious of gems for they are worth far more. Good morning.



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