Feeling the heat ?

 Well, if the sudden onset of summer heat and humidity has gotten to you, just do what people have done for years,head to the woods. Well you can cool off at the beach in the water but as far as I know, sharks have never been known to swim in cool creeks and rivers(yes I know about the ancient inland oceans and such but have you seen one lately?) so on really sticky days, I crave the cool waters of the woods. My mothers family is from Ellijay,the mountains of Georgia so I’m not the only one in my family with a fondness for cool mountain breezes. I remember loading the car and driving up those narrow winding mountain roads to see relatives and friends and then, when my grandparents retired there, to see them. Reunions and homecomings at Mountaintown  ,always knowing where to turn to go to the church because it was there on the left across from the prettiest valley I have ever seen in my life.This valley always made me think of the 23rd psalm ,”He restoreth my soul” because it usually did just that. Also, by this time I had recovered from my queasy stomach brought on by riding in the back seat of the car which I have to admit didn’t happen much. To this day ,green Ramblers  make me a little sick but they believed me after that when I said I needed to stop! There was nothing like taking off your shoes and wading in the creek ,looking for crawdads and pretty rocks which i remember my cousin Tommy and I doing on a couple of occasions. So, today, when the heat and humidity rises, I will bring  out my cooler mountain memories to lower the temperature. Good morning. Image

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