Remembering tiny things

ImageRemembering tiny things and how precious and fragile they were. He’s fixing to turn three next month and while he is still precious and a bit fragile, small children are, he had the strength yesterday to entertain two adoring females. Yes, Madelyn and Chloe came and played with him, the last fifteen minutes spent walking in a circle around the furniture in my living room shouting at the top of their voices,” Shatterday!!Shatterday!”. It had started out as “Saturday” but at 2,3, and 4, things can change  and the word was transformed. Grandmama/NannyB just gave in picked up her crocheting  and rocked in the rocking chair.They had gotten excited over Madi’s birthday party which is Saturday and that much joy and excitement is hard to contain so I let it flow. Now that is a memory that maybe only I will remember but for those who weren’t privileged to be there and witness it, it was memorable and , to be honest ,funny as all get out which is why I considered it something to share . Perhaps , with things being as they are in the world right now, we should all  share these “tiny things” small memories that might not cure cancer or take away the pain of loss but have the potential to bring a smile. Good morning.

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