It’s Friday?

ImageOh, if I just had more energy,I’d get excited about that but my coffee hasn’t taken hold of my lethargy yet so I have the enthusiasm of a slug! A slug who once again battled some weird thing going on with my tonsils and sinuses last night and so am missing a few hours of blissful slumber. One would think I’d be used to this since it seems to happen every year about this time but it usually only involves the sinuses and this year the tonsils have decided to join in.Oh well, the first life giving cup is almost finished and my eyes are pretty much open so this is going to be a good day after all. Tomorrow, Amy ,Ethan and I are going to Madelyn’s birthday party and he can chase his little “harem” around their house and shout “Shatterday”  and generally have a blast in toddler terms.Come Sunday, unless you bring something special , do not knock before 9 am as Grandmama/NannyB  is planning on snoring away till at least nine o’clock! Oh, okay, come on but be prepared, my face will be scary, resembling a bullfrog who has been steamrolled by a runaway train , then puffed up by a leaf blower. I really can’t wait to see Madi’s face when she sees what Ethan is giving her for her birthday(no I won’t tell you till Monday but it’s good!) and I will take pictures. Second cup of coffee on the way and good morning!

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