Wool gathering


Sometimes I just have days when i’d like to just sit and gaze into a clear lake and gather my thoughts or “wool”. Scientists have done studies that suggest that this mental exercise is actually beneficial to the brain. Perhaps it is a way for our brain to “clear the cookies” and dump the trash but such reveries aren’t always possible when there is a 3 year old in the house. Indeed, one could face a disaster of epic proportions so the “wool” waits until the house is quiet and still. So, it’s Tuesday and looks to be a nice day,collect your thoughts when you can and good morning.

A green house


For those of us who love flowers and growing things, a little cottage like this would be a small piece of heaven. Me, being me, of course would hope that there is just a little bit more room inside than the photograph would suggest but perhaps the limited room inside is why there are so many plants and flowers outside as the gardener prefers the open green space outside.The rain this past weekend was damp and a bit cool but it did serve to deepen the green color of the spring foliage  and after the dreary gray of winter, the lush green of spring serves to brighten the spirit and soothe the soul.There is just something so satisfying about planting a seed or cutting and watching it put forth new growth,perhaps even fruit as my tomato plant has already done even though I have not planted it in its container yet. I thought I had lost my rosemary bush over the winter but even it is valiantly showing new growth as if to say, “Old Man Winter singed me a bit but I’m still here!” . I don’t have the lawn or yard to fill with foliage but I am adding life and color in containers to my front porch and my herbs that survived winter are doing well. I even had coreopsis ,two varieties that overwintered very well and one  is such a bright sunny yellow flower that it brings a smile every time! The other is a pretty lavender  shade which I liked the contrast last year so I have high hopes it will look as pleasing this year. So, go plant something, even if it’s just in a pot and feed your soul! Good Morning!!

Birds of a feather


Birds of a feather  do often flock together,especially on a beach.Just like a tour group descending on a buffet,they touch down, eat everything in sight and then off for more someplace new. This group of avians ,as I recall, ate then circled back and sat down again, just in case they had missed something with the first go round. Loud and obnoxious but there is something about shorebirds that is comforting to me. Those raucous calls are part of the “music” of the ocean, whether it’s by the seaside or in the vastness of the briny deep, the marine tune speaks to that part of me that thrives on salt water.Don’t get me wrong, there is a symphony heard by those lucky enough and quiet enough to hear when immersed in the forest and woodlands but the harmony is different. I guess i am blessed to be able to hear and appreciate all of nature’s musical offerings for even the desert has a song to sing. Let us all resolve to get outside this weekend and listen to some “music, I believe our souls are  in dire need. Good morning.

Perhaps I should have taken the other road


Perhaps I should have taken the other road

And seen the other sights

Traveled down a different corridor

Leading to an alternate future

Maybe less bumps and twists on that road

Not as many potholes or narrow turns

Could have been a long smooth ride

With no dangers or delays

Might have had a better ending but I did not

Take that other road to that alternate future

I traveled down the road that lay before me

And what a marvelous,messy trip it has been


To sit by the sea and think


To sit by the sea and think , to just let the thoughts flow to and fro like the waves coming in and out would be sheer heaven right now. No deadlines, no due dates ,no pressures of any kind,just sitting still being one with nature. No crowds,no loud voices, just an occasional seagull screeching for food he thinks is his,the salty smell of the seawater drifting across the nostrils and the warm rays of the sun across the face ,all would serve to calm the nerves and lower the blood pressure and ease the strain.I guess most couldn’t take more than a day of this peaceful existence but I think I could handle a couple of days as a “castaway”. Just me, Mother Nature and God  sitting in harmony…..

I’m not brave, not really.


When faced with a big dark scary tunnel, I tend to stay outside in the sunlight where I think I am safe but that is not always the case. Sometimes the most dangerous places are the ones where we feel safe because we let down our guard. We say to ourselves, ” I’m safe here, I’m in the light and surrounded by friends and family, what can possibly hurt me here?” and boom! Yes,  like lightning, we’re struck with a denigrating comment or judgement and the blow draws blood. Am I guilty of things like that, probably so since I am only human but I try not to set out to hurt anyone, I carry too much guilt over the things I can’t control to hurt deliberately bring pain and tears to those I love. I no longer have the trust or confidence in my fellow man that I used to , life has stolen that away and I let it go because I like to feel safe .” In God we trust,all others pay cash” is a saying that both engenders humor and a little sadness but the fact is, that God is the only being to never have let me down or hurt me so Him I trust,don’t always listen and follow like I should but don’t know too many who do either. Still during the worst of times, I have felt the presence and love of God surrounding me which is why I believe. No, my God doesn’t look anything like Charlton Heston, He’s not blue eyed or blonde haired or even all male for I believe he is both. I don’t believe he sent His son so that He could experience what human life was like,why would he not know since he made us,hmmm? No, I’m not brave, I don’t have to be because I have God with me and that still small voice keeps telling me it will be okay, just keep holding on to His hand no matter what, and i will eventually come out into a light so warm and wonderful I will never be afraid again.

Here I am!


I just love the expression on Aidan’s face. A mixture of surprise and annoyance at the invasion of his little hideaway . Children have such a capacity for exploration and imagination. Now some seem to have been born with no fear or caution as we adults are continually having to run after them to admonish them not to go there or touch that . Some may see these children as risk takers or rule breakers but I see them as future explorers, those who go into space or uncharted terra firma or even stare down a microscope in search of the unknown. We so want to keep little ones safe and unhurt and that is as it should be but we should also nurture these little future “bravehearts” as our future may depend on the unknown that they find with their fearless spirits and inquiring minds. Good morning!