Monday morning and coffee

 Yes, it’s Monday morning again and the eye opening coffee is perking away and I think I need another Sunday! Saturday was so much fun! Ethan had a blast attending Madelyn’s 2nd birthday party , swimming in the pool,playing with all the kids, eating pizza and cupcakes and the look on Madelyn’s face when she saw his present to her,the child size Barbie doll ,was priceless! Now the expression on the adults was also priceless, seems “Barbie” has this look on her face that screams “Bride of Chucky” ,seriously, if I woke up suddenly and this doll was standing besides my bed, I’d have a heart attack  but Madi loves it and all the kids had fun with it so, all in all, Saturday was a raving success. Sunday was a day of rest but last night wasn’t . I have got to figure out what exactly is coming out of my air conditioner vent that is keeping me from breathing easy and slumbering deep. Mondays are usually pretty good days for me, all kidding aside,I get to see this little guy on Mondays so I look forward to the day  but he takes a lot of energy to keep happy and the last few weeks, I have been super draggy on Mondays due to a lack of sleep. I love my coffee but when two cups merely keeps my eyes open instead of vibrating my cells wide open, there might be a problem. Oh well,life goes on and it is a beautiful morning and I thank God for it! Good morning!Image


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