My future is so bright

 My future is so bright that I need to wear sunglasses? Well, doesn’t feel much like that this morning but last night was not a good night for restful slumber. The coffee has finished perking and I will gird my loins and prepare to take it black since creamer is not present in the larder this morning. It is a beautiful morning outside my window, not too hot and humid yet, brilliant sunshine spilling across the yard. My little man is on his way and he will have a little play mate later on. He’s so funny,yesterday I told him that Madi was going to come and play with him today thinking he’d be ecstatic and he will be glad to see her but I think he was wanting all the grandchildren like it was Saturday at the party but he will be okay with just one pretty little girl to play with. It’s kind of like that in life, sometimes we want it all and think that will make us happy when if we just have one something or someone special, it’s enough. A lot of the trying times we are enduring right now are simply because those who think they have power and control and lust after even more, thinking that will make them happy, aren’t smart enough to realize it never will. That is why they make so many people unhappy in their struggle,because it is never enough,it will never be enough and they just don’t have enough gray matter in their craniums to comprehend that .Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we all need to cast off everything in order to be happy ,rather that we need to be able to be happy and content with what we have sometimes even if it’s not much because if we can’t take joy in one , I fear we are unable to  joy in the many which may be why some work so hard to steal and destroy what others have. They can’t rejoice in what they have so they allow their jealousy and greed to control them and lead them to covet what others have, thinking that a lot of something will make them happy and instead they” taste bitter ashes ” when they succeed in grabbing what belongs to another. There seem to be a lot of these type people in power these days all over the world and I feel very sorry for them for if they are honest with themselves,they are not happy. When one who is oppressed rises up and becomes worse than the oppressor,pity them for they are pitiful. Good morning.



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