Summer dreams

 Now this moment was captured in time last summer season but  I am sure the boys did a little of this yesterday when they went swimming in the “cement pond” yesterday!A movie in the morning and swimming in the afternoon, two activities that make children smile during their time away from school. I am smiling this morning because I got to sleep last night which is also something kids enjoy during this time of year. I remember my fellow students bragging about sleeping past noon during the hiatus when they returned to school in the fall and I might have tried a time or two but mostly I remember waking up early wanting to get outside and take advantage of the free time and warm air. To explore the outdoors and not hear a bell or lecture all day except for maybe the one given by my mom about being late to dinner.My very favorite summer memories involve waking up in the tiny bedroom of my grandparents trailer up in the mountains, the smell of the bacon frying and the sound of my Grandmother Thelma’s voice telling me to wake up and talking to my Granddaddy T.J. I can still hear that in my mind and on days when the absence is the sharpest, those are the memories I reach for first. I remember her handing me a damp washcloth to wipe my feet before I climbed in bed at night because it was summer and my feet were always barefoot then if I could help it.Those childhood summer memories are like precious gems and are truly priceless so I am glad my grandchildren are busy making their own and I hope and pray they never forget them. Good morning.Image

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