I dreamed last night

 In my dreams  last night ,I was this age again but the other inhabitants were various ages. Scott and Vann were over 21 but my dad and Thornton were in their forties. At any rate, we were all in the house on the hill waiting on a delivery and when it arrived it was damaged and Scott turns to me and asked, ” Would you rather have it damaged or not at all?” which in retrospect ,is a very profound question . In the dream I took the delivery which turned out to be flowers and we all went off to shop for a car(it’s a dream people, it’s not necessarily supposed to make sense!). We all piled in this room which had office chairs sitting in front of a bank of floor to ceiling windows and the cars were driven by. We were also treated to a display of fireworks,perhaps the fireworks were designed to inspire the buyer to pounce but even in my dream I knew I couldn’t afford the car so we left.Am I disappointed by the dreams? No, of course not because  my subconscious, which I believe supplied those mental memories of my young dad and Thornton, gave me something comforting and pleasant. I know my dad is 95 and not in good health but in my dreams and memories ,he is both young and strong and always with me which enabled me to wake up with a big smile on my face and start my day in a very good mood! Still trying to figure out why Scott and Vann were the ages they were but it was a great party so maybe that was it. The Morris clan knows how to throw a great party  that will live on in one’s dreams as the two of them will always have a home in my heart. So, good morning!Image

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