It is Friday and the weekend is here

I am ready for the weekend, how about you?Mostly I’m ready to sleep late in the morning but this little guy will turn three Sunday and that’s a big deal to me. I spend most of my days with Ethan ,playing, listening and hopefully teaching him a few things(we’re working on the potty but   it’s harder than I thought it would be!) but sometimes he teaches me a lesson or two. We push ourselves to come up with bigger  and better and brand new when it comes to children and sometimes ,it’s the old that most easily grabs their attention and imagination. I purchased the movie ” The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” and he was enthralled. It doesn’t have the latest and greatest CGI, the actors doing the voices are either passed on or retired, no big bangs or flourishes, just a silly old bear and his friends but Ethan loved it. It’s all too easy now to rip apart and denigrate things from the past but perhaps sometimes we should just accept that the past wasn’t all bad. Wasn’t all good either but life is like that and while I have your attention, life is drama and if your life never has ups and down or “drama, mama” I feel for you because you are not living or you are very lonely because losing people is dramatic. Changing jobs or moving is dramatic but yesterday, this little guy got caught up in the drama of a little bear who so loved his honey, he got stuck in the rabbit hole and for now, that’s the only kind of drama he should have to deal with.  There has been quite a bit of drama in my life but there have also been some truly wonderful moments and watching his face as he was introduced into the world of A.A. Milne and his silly old bear Winnie was one I thank God for. Good morning.Image


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