I am talented

 Some might even call me amazing but it doesn’t matter to me as long as they call me by the names that truly matter to me. Mom, friend, those designations matter and Mom is the most important one and, for some things, the hardest one. I love my children, I always have and I always knew I wanted children,a lot of them. Now I could have taken the easy route and  not given birth and no one would have condemned me. I could have done  a lot of things but I did give birth three times and those three little girls are so very important to me. Now comes the part where I reveal that I am not talented, just ordinary and flawed because apparently playing peacemaker is not a talent I possess. Sorry but I failed and for that I am sorry but the only way the events of this weekend could not have affected me in a bad way would have been for me not to have been in this world at all and there’s nothing I can do about that right now. I’m here, flaws and all and doing my best to be the best person I can be. I may not trust anybody any further than I can throw them but apparently that’s a wise way to be these days but I do still love people, all kinds and types of people.  Gray as a color does have its place but life would be unbearable if gray were the only color in existence and if all people were just alike ,it would be a very miserable world to exist in. Some people don’t like that, they pick one color and cling to it and lash out if one tries to admire all the colors God has created in this world. Red is my favorite color but where would we be without the beautiful greens of early spring or even the pristine white of the newly fallen snow in winter and the brave yellow of the buttercups . The deep purples of the haze over the Smoky Mountains is a sight to be seen and appreciated by those with eyes to see and the oranges in a Key West sunset are awe inspiring or so I have been told. One day I would very much like to be there in person and witness the artistry  but for now, this failed peacemaker is sitting here ,in beautiful downtown Acworth wishing I had said no and been somewhere else this weekend. Oh, that would have brought me problems as well but maybe , just maybe other things might not have happened and this would be a much better Monday morning. I hope you have a good morning today.Image

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