Daddy’s girl

 Oh I was a daddy’s girl all right! I thought he hung the moon  and have since he pointed it out to me while I was riding on his shoulders on the beach at Jekyll Island. I felt like I was miles above the earth and could almost touch the moon if he held me up just a bit,the moon was so big and he was so tall back then. Those who know me now,know that I am not blessed with great height, back then one of my many nicknames was “Cricket” as in knee high to the insect and my dad grew to the great height of 6’2″ so even now that illness and the ravages of time have shrunk him, I still have to look up to him but I would even if I had to turn my head down, I’d still look up to him because he’s a good man, not perfect but oh so very good! We disagree on politics which is ironic since it was the way he and my mother reared me that enabled me to reach my opinions and beliefs but politics is such a small part of what he has given me and the more important things are a love and respect for God, a love and respect for my family and for my country. Between the two of them ,he and my mother managed to expose me to a lot of different kinds of music and art, engender a love of learning and  an appreciation for nature. My father was one of the men who went around the state of Georgia handing out books about “Smokey the Bear” and teaching fire safety to kids and hopefully some adults . I grew up visiting our state parks and wildlife areas from one end of this state to the other and in most ,my daddy had a story about it. Jekyll Island was the most fascinating to me because my dad talked about how the snakes dripped off the over hanging branches onto his pith helmet and  of using the bulldozers to cut”firebreaks ” on the island that later magically turned into roads and opened up a way of life to the people of Georgia once again and a vacation destination for all those visitors. I tried to interest Paul Milliken of Fox 5 Atlanta in interviewing my father before he’s gone because being 95 and being the man he is, there are a lot of tales about my state and it’s history he can tell and quite a few laughs for the listener who is fortunate and patient enough to listen attentively. This generation is rapidly leaving us and it falls upon my generation to both record these tales and to engender in younger generations an appreciation for what they are losing when this “Greatest Generation ” is finally gone. My world will be a little dimmer but my memory will shine brightly with him in it. Good morning. Image


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