My Sixties …and his


This was one of those moments in my childhood that I don’t remember precisely but judging from the sly grin directed at the photographer, it must have been a good one. My daddy and my mom are all dressed up, I’m wearing a spiffy coat so I’d hazard a guess we’re either headed to church to worship or perhaps a wedding or some kind of ceremony.  Funny the things that pop out at you when you study an old photo that you’ve looked at most of your life and in perusing my father’s features, I noticed the flashlight hung on the wall. Correct me if I am remembering wrong but I believe it was there because the doorway beside it led to the attic and the stairs leading up there were unlit. My daddy was always about safety and being prepared. Used to be, when we left on a trip, Daddy’s tools and oil and water were always stashed away in the trunk or boot for my British friends.We loved playing up in that attic, we even put on our own productions,” friends ,Romans and countrymen lend me your ears!” brought laughs from us long before Mel Brooks used that line in his movie “History of the World Part 1”  and Daddy was in the audience because the one thing I have never be in doubt of, my daddy loved and still does love us girls. Reaching the great age of 95, it is love that keeps him here ,keeps him still trying to do the things he has always does,keeps that great heart beating and what a legacy to leave behind! My daddy likes to tell  the tale I alluded to the other day about the trip back from the woods with a hay wagon full of wood ,if I am remembering correctly,  and looking back from time to time to make sure I was still firmly ensconced on top of the wood only to see two little feet and hands holding on. I had fallen backwards after one big bump but like my father, I held on tenaciously till it was time to let go which was when the large hands of his grabbed me and kept me from falling to the ground . Daddy always tried to take good care of us, even later after I had reached those trying years of teen age angst and probably deserved to be in the back of the truck throwing hay to the cattle, he’d switch places if he thought it was too cold and let me drive the truck while he did the feeding. It had to be bitterly cold but he’d stick me in the warm cab with the warm air and the warm voice of Jim Reeves and climb up those cold black rails and grab the hay in the cold air. At the time, I probably wasn’t as thankful as I should have been but I have tried to say thank you over and over since then to my daddy for being so good and so caring and so very loving to me. I am so very blessed with the parents I have and when the time comes to let my Heavenly Father welcome my earthly father, I will wrap all these memories around me and let them ease the pain a little and hope that it won’t be long before I can see them both again. Good morning.


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