This is what fathers do

ImageIt’s those little things like helping to feed a great grandson that denote a good father. The big gestures, the obvious things that they do, those are very important but it’s those little things that aren’t always captured  by a camera or even by another set of understanding eyes, those are the things that raise a father to greatness. A hug just when it is needed, a caution before disaster ( you were right Daddy,wish I had listened to you!), a joke told to a teenager just to preserve their pride because it was more important right then to shore them up than  to be a humorless adult in charge. The big things like loving the child ,well, that was always obvious but a lot of those little things got lost in the mix over the years and forgotten by most and sometimes even by me but this year ,for obvious reasons,I am remembering them all. All that I can coax out of my imperfect memories because after he’s gone, those memories will be all we have to keep him alive,his memory at least.Not just my memories, I have a huge family that is full of memories of him and I am hoping ,that at the upcoming family reunion we can share all those we have ,big and little , and do it while he is still here to listen and be warmed by the love shown and the knowledge that he was and is a great father and did make a difference in not just the lives of his own children but in others around him. I love you Daddy! Good morning.


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