“oh drat! the weekend is over and it’s Monday!”



Yes, little one , the weekend is over and a new week has begun and we big people call today Monday and some of us cry a little but some of us start smiling when we wake up and it’s Monday because we truly do “love” our jobs and  just get a kick out of seeing the “little  boss” walk through the door!  Last night was an epiphany but a good one but I have decided that my coffee best belongs to the “drink in the morning only” category. Yes, it’s strong enough that that last cup I drank last night,well, I was still going at 3 in the morning but  I’ll be okay, NannyB will sneak in a nap hopefully when little man has his and every little thing will be just fine. Love makes the world go round but coffee helps keep some of us awake enough to notice and this will be one of those days. Open those eyes and tell someone in front of you that they are loved and appreciated today,maybe doing that and making a conscious effort to be happy and calm will serve to lighten the load and ease the stress and help make this week fantastic.Otherwise, take a nap or drink another cup of coffee or go to bed earlier tonight,there’s always tomorrow . Good morning!!Image


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