“Oh, no, I don’t like cake!”

ImageI don’t like cake at all!. I can’t stand something sweet and wonderful so don’t cut a big piece and let me have it,it will just sit there. Oh yes, the worst thing you can do is give me something so wonderful. Now if those who read and understand what I just wrote, believe that, then you don’t know me at all,now do you? Even better is the what I call, “Brer Rabbit” type of thinking. That fox just knew throwing that rabbit into that briar patch was the worst thing he could do and would hurt that rabbit but an ironic thing happened when he “punished” that rabbit. The “rabbit” liked it, he used that horrible “patch” to get away from the torments of the fox and sometimes people are just like the rabbit, protesting about not wanting something when in reality it is the very thing they want. However there is one other way of looking at these type of “punishments”, might just be that rabbit didn’t want to go in that patch  that first time but found out quickly that he really did like being in there and that the very thing the “fox” thought was hurting the rabbit and gave the fox pleasure in thinking about the rabbit’s pain,was instead  not causing him pain but easing his mind and soothing his soul. I used to think that being all alone and sitting in the quiet was the worst thing ever,having someone never speak to me again was just a horrible punishment to contemplate  but , you see, in silence one can find peace and freedom from fear   and pain,provided they are able to hear the wisdom in the quiet. So, the point I am trying to make? Be careful what you do to “punish” someone, you may find that “you” are the only one who is really punished and hurting, your “rabbit” is at peace. Good morning.


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