Memory morning





ImageWell, he didn’t have to talk much then. Seems all the people around him tended to “read his mind” and he’d get whatever he wanted or needed before he could open his mouth. No real harm done,he’s growing up into a smart ,sweet and very talented boy and I pray and hope that he’s allowed to fulfill all that bright promise. Children are these “gifts” given to us and regardless of whether they are born to us after 9 months under our heart or chosen to fill that spot in the family that needed a remarkable young soul, they are precious. Note that I said precious ,not perfect and no one really is although if one is lucky, there will come into their lives from time to time, individuals who ,while not perfect ,come bearing “gifts” that can change our world if we let them . If we  give them the freedom to grow and hone their talents in the right way and not constantly snipe and pick and criticize ,in a destructive way, the very things that draw us into their world can change the bigger world they live in. Understand that I said destructive, there is a vast difference between constructive criticism and the more insidious “destructive” . One helps to teach , the other only serves to tear down and shatter or weaken and while some people don’t seem to realize they are doing this, others ,unfortunately, not only know that this is what they are doing, they revel in it and leave a path of “emotional wounds” in their wake. However, this bright young sweetheart is a positive and constructive young man and he has the potential to teach others and expand their minds and hearts if he chooses to be an educator , we don’t know yet what path he will take but he comes from a family filled with teachers and educators of all kinds. He also  ,like his great-grandfather , has a talent for sports so perhaps one day he might be a brilliant athlete on the world stage but even if all he ever does is teach in a small college ,he will leave behind him when he is done, a shining light of knowledge that he was loved and appreciated by those whose lives he touched . My grandson is just getting started , he has a long life in front of him I hope but yesterday we lost  someone who, though he had lived a long productive life , the world needed to hang on to a bit longer but his body was just worn out. No, Dr Tom Lagow was not my father ,he was just one of those individuals that I was so privileged to have  in my life to serve as an positive example and I will never forget him and when ,sometime down the road, my own father makes his own way into the next world,perhaps someone will remind me that people like these two men  made our world a better place to reside in and that my grandson can too! Maybe ,eventually my heart won’t hurt so much but in the meantime my prayers and condolences go out to his tiny family who are surrounded by a lot of love and support if they need it. Good morning.



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