I wasn’t going to write today

 I wasn’t going to do my weekday deal today.I woke up just wanting to exist and drink my coffee and for a little bit, pretend everything was just fine and people that I still love and care about hadn’t lost  a man who was half their world . Sad thing is, they’re not the only ones losing loved ones. Being blessed enough to know a lot of people and having a lot of friends , means there doesn’t seem to be a direction I can turn without learning of a new loss  and profound grief  but that is life. As much as I wish with all my heart I had the power to wipe away those tears and bring a lightness of spirit back to those I love, I don’t. I’m just me, all I can do is say a prayer and express my sadness at their loss  and then go find something like this old picture of my grandson and his smile and remind myself that life does go on and sometimes ,for me at least, remembering the joy eases the pain. Good morning Image


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