My June babies

Image Caroline came on the 25th though she was due on the 5th but since she was 8 pounds 4 ounces ,I believe she came when she was supposed to. Amy, was due on Caroline’s birthday but she must have decided she wanted her own birthday for she held out till the 29th to arrive.These two little girls ,my June babies, are now grown women with busy lives of their own. Caroline even has two little girls of her own and does, from time to time, relive my life and times with her and her sister which is humorous. I always wanted babies of my own, even as a little girl I loved babies so I knew when I got married , that I wouldn’t put off having children,after all, with my plumbing, I was apprehensive about a lot but I planned and on this day ,here came my first little one. We learn a lot about how to really parent from that first child  because one can read about  and study and even take care of other children but until it is your child for which you are responsible 24 hours a day, it is just not the same. At least it wasn’t to me, Caroline has, over the years ,taught me life lessons I thought I already knew but until she came along, it was just words on a page. I think of my children as my contribution to what is good in this world and a living legacy that will be here long after I am gone. I may not leave behind  a vast fortune or massive buildings bearing my name but when I go I will leave behind “works of art” , my little girls and Caroline is my first “canvas” and I believe she turned out quite well,magnificent even. Good morning.

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