New beginnings and old promises

Image  Oh the memories that this slightly blurry picture brings back! The good memories, the excitement and the love shown by those who came and showed their love and support. The humorous memories,the seven cans of shaving cream Mark Collier brought to decorate the little orange VW the two of us drove away in ,dripping toilet paper and shaving cream all the way to the carwash,my mother getting us stuck in a mud puddle that morning.How beautiful my bouquet was, the freshness of the flowers and the brilliant color of the yellow roses  reminding all who knew  why I had that color,of the woman who wasn’t there. The marriage has since ended, the VW was sold along time ago, age has caught up with all pictured and one good natured trickster Mark Collier has crossed over way too early . When I look at this small visual reminder of a new beginning and an old promise, I see one promise that was made and has, to this day been kept. My daddy has always loved me,even through those difficult teenage years when I just knew I knew more about life than he did,he still loved me . My father will turn 96 this December and like my faith that there is a God and He does love me, I have no doubt about this man’s love either.There are those who deride and denigrate my faith,pointing out my faults and foibles as evidence of the falseness of my belief but they miss the simple fact that even at the worst times of my life, I felt the love surround me from my Heavenly Father and I still feel that kind of love from my earthly father. That’s the example of love I try to hard to emulate ,to love even when the one you love isn’t being very lovable and I do.

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