Too cute for words

Image Then again, this is my blog and when,if ever, have I truly been at a loss for words? Not often,well as long I could think of something to say. This morning is like pulling teeth since I was so busy last night in my dreams. I didn’t run a marathon or hike the Great Wall of China but I was an attendee at a wedding reception where the cake table had two beautiful cakes and plates and napkins galore but no forks. This little man above, only much older in my dream, comes over to me and says, ” Grandmama, you’re just going to have to wait,somebody will be through soon and you can use theirs!”  Well, me being myself ,even in a dream, says no and walks over to a table and sits down and proceeds to eat with my fingers! Hey, that cake looked really good, although I have yet to see a wedding cake that was multicolored inside like that. Looked like rainbows painted with delicate brushes in watercolors which in retrospect, is how rainbows should be portrayed . Delicate, fragile ,since in reality, they are the result of light refracting though molecules of moisture. I believe painting them in solid broad strokes causes them to lose some of that magic but that ‘s just me. At any rate , after the wedding reception, I found myself walking through an office building trying to keep up with my group and of course when we passed by a mostly empty room ,filled only with a TV set and a table and chairs, my posterior almost beat my feet to a chair to sit down. I got caught up in the story unfolding on the screen and again, here came Aidan, bending down to whisper in my ear,”It’s time to go Grandmama, or we’ll lose the group!” . We walked to the elevator and ,of course ,we’ve lost the group . Entering the elevator, which had plastic draped on three sides, we exit but not into a hallway. The doors open up to a garden like none I have seen before and I wish I could remember more but Aidan and I were walking through the garden like we were both 2 year old kids, the colors were so vivid and the green grass was so lush and soft, we just kept touching the flowers and hugging the trees,playing hide and go seek ,giggling happily. So, this morning, I am dragging big time because Aidan kept me moving in my dream. He does that in real life sometimes, keeps people moving, putting one foot in front of another. Today, it will be upcoming events that keep my feet moving and a couple of cups of strong coffee. Good morning.

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